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Vigilant Security is a Must-Have

We have all come to accept this fact of life. Technology like your phone, tablet or computer needs to be updated (for security or functionality) frequently, and your website must be constantly monitored and updated as well.

Your website is also receiving frequent attacks, and these days a good majority of those attacks are automated using bots. I know! Who has time to deliberately create these things?! Well, unfortunately there are people who delight in hacking websites so they can spread their vicious viruses. That is why we take a more proactive approach in our security measures, so we can thwart attackers and ban them from your website all together.

User Experience is Paramount

Even if you have world-class content on your website, your potential customer will not wait more than 5 seconds for your web page to load. We as a society are extremely impatient; we have an attention span that’s less than a goldfish. Yeah, it’s that bad! This is why we include supreme caching ($199/year value) for all of our hosted websites. This allows your website visitors to load your web pages lightning fast. A few seconds of speed results in higher conversions! It gets better…

Our world is more connected than ever before, and your website visitors need to access your website from anywhere in the world. And yes, your website still needs to load fast. This is why we place your website content on one of the world’s largest cloud network platforms. Your website content will be placed on servers in 165 data centers located across the globe, thus resulting in faster web page load times by serving content from locations closer to the user.

$17 per month per website

We take a vigilant hands-on approach when it comes to hosting WordPress websites. Securing your website and optimizing your users’ experience is of the utmost importance.

Auto Pay

We do not like friction when it comes to workflow, so in order to save you time and keep you focused on more important tasks, we automatically charge your credit card on file each month, and email you a receipt for tax purposes. That’s one less item on your to-do list.


Upon submitting your website information, our team will perform a comprehensive website audit to determine if we are able to support your website. If your website is an ideal candidate for our hosting services, our team will begin your website migration to our secure servers once your billing has been squared away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use the cheapest hosting in the industry?
You can. However, most cheap hosting providers do not provide well optimized servers nor the security, caching, and advanced features needed when it comes to online e-commerce.
Are you available for server or hosting support?
Of course! We update and monitor our servers on a regular basis. We highly doubt you’ll notice any issues concerning our servers before we do though. 😉 If for some strange reason you are having website issues due to a recent server update, we will definitely help.
Are you available for website support?
If you have subscribed to one of our WordPress Care Plans, than we most certainly will provide you with first-class website support. If you have decided to not subscribe to one of our Care Plans, than we can still provide you with first-class support, but that support would be billable at our hourly development rate.
Do you update WordPress Core, my WordPress theme or Plugins?
We only update those if you have subscribed to one of our WordPress Care Plans. Rest assured, we will still keep our servers updated.
Do you backup my website?
We do include monthly backups of your website; however, we do strongly recommend a daily backup solution. We provide daily backups of your website with any of our Care Plans.
What happens if my website is hacked?
We have yet to have a website we host get hacked; however, should that happen, we will revert your website back to your most recent clean backup. See why backups are important? Think of backups like insurance. You hope you never have to use it; however, you thank God for them when you need it.
What if I want to move my website to a different hosting provider?
Although, we would hate to see you leave, we would not renew the next month’s subscription, and we would provide you with a zip file of your entire website for your developer. We will also keep your website files on our servers for a maximum of 30 days. This will give your developer ample time to make the transition. Once the 30 day window expires, we will then delete your files from our servers.

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